Saturday, 8 March 2008


eyes struggling to win
its losing battle
against the suddenly heavy,
pounding eyelashes,
hating the light,
begging for darkness.

brain sinking
to non-existence
that I can almost feel
its absence in my skull :
a hollow space
that amplifies thunders
of cranium drill.

it could have been sweet
to give in
but I couldn’t.

…now don’t ask me why.

ask the clock.
for it now says 5:34.

and you know how to count…


greg torrimales said...

galing mo pa din pre, la aq msabe. idol talaga kita!!!

gracelynlovesdodie said...

very well written sherwin. im proud to be your friend.

MisHell said...

..pota we didnt know!! poet ka pa???
ano pa ang mga surprises mong talento? awwww krash na kita lalo hahahaha

greymatters said...

astig!! from a simple thing of drowsiness probably while you're in the office, nagawan mo pa ng tula?? galing mo... mahal na kita nyan haha