Sunday, 23 March 2008

to the man who lost the world

yours is a tale written

on a wretched fallacy,

a brain as trivial as a myth,

and a future as dark as a nightmare…

and your impulsive laughter,

rapid anger,

sudden tears,

and futile monologues

all but reflect

your head:

hollow as your starving stomach,

pathetic as your decaying life.

and since you own your own world

and your thoughts are distinct;

we chose to neglect

that beneath your filthy clothes

and sullied fantasies

lies a man…

a man who breathes this same air

and plays this same game called life…

we chose to ignore

the burning pains

of hunger




and hopelessness…

all rewarded to you

by your curse

we chose to name “abnormality”……

and a question that now haunts me:

“is it a blessing for us to be sane,

able to think and shape our fate?;

OR you are more blessed

for you’re immune

to the cruelties of life,

free to act and curse your fate?"

then I envy your soul,

your withered name,

and abandoned hopes;


that you only struggled to live,

unlike us,

who lived to struggle…

*originally submitted for and published at, 09.15.06


beatrice said...

nice! i especially love the last lines...pasali sa fan club mo hihi

trixie said...

another great writing!sana araw-araw may bagong post.

mkmre said...

ang lalim! lupit ng utak mo bro.

Anonymous said...

two thumbs up!!!

Anonymous said...

ang galing! wala ako masabi..
napadaan lang..

Anonymous said...

The poem is too idealistic I should say. The wordings are meant to impress the readers. ( which I think worked for masses ). There's nothing new to offer regarding the subject, every angle has been heard.

just here to comment. As u say u need it.

beatrice XOXO I don't envy him. There's no reason for me to feel that way.

I'll send my link soon.

beatrice said...

i think you're an airhead, that's all.every angle's heard?? wow, read again. the delivery is just perfect: he blindly introduced the subject, then evolved into someone who's a familiar sight in the streets, then "mocked" him on how the majority sees him.and of course, the last lines says it all: a question all of us never thought of.

JIMG29 said...

the last lines made me think hard and i find it very IRONIC, as to who really lost the world...this could gone both ways, as insanity is just but a hair's breath.

bless them men who were "unfortunates" and bless the poet who held the mirror of life.

canadianpinay said...

i agree..kudos to lethal for bringing the true world to our doorsteps.a few more and i'll be inspired to a blog of my own.

and to anonymous: what's your problem????

rhea said...

gosh! you're really back! :D